Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hey Everyone,

Are you tired of freezing yer nutz off yet? I know I am totally ready for some spring and march madness! And the person who bitches about being MOIST!!! Get POKED in the EYES! Or a warm bottom at the very least! Any plans Boys and girls?? I will be attending some Fetish Events coming up this spring, can't wait to
get out of the cabin! And do some socializing, take some classes! And learn some new skills! I always remain teachable!! I love learning about a new fetish/kink out there maybe one I have never heard of or I have heard of, and need to be trained properly by an experienced Domina/Dom/Master or Mistress in the art of how to do this new skill or Sign up with them for a period of time to make sure I hone my skills properly with that particular new interest to offer my clients. But at this time I am VERY skilled at SOUNDING!!!! Yes Sounding! It is where I use long metal rods usually my rosebud tipped that have sterilized. I then carefully insert them into the urethra of my client’s flaccid penis. The client who enjoys this type of play is a special type of gentleman... and my one gentleman, whom I see, loves to release while the sounding rod is still inserted deep inside of him. He gets great satisfaction and Joy from each of our sessions. This session IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! But my gentleman From
Tennessee definitely WAS BUILT for this type of session and went home a very Satisfied and Happy CLIENT! Now I know you’re thinking Mz Kim This is NOT what I am seeking! Fine, I offer so much more! Do you want sensual play, tease and denial, or how about my pretty feet and long slender toes for you to kiss and suck on? Perhaps you are looking for a nice tickling session, maybe Some CBT, and even some scolding on what a naughty boy you have been lately? Feel the need of satin/silk on your skin shhhh your secrets safe with me I promise! Or do you just need to be just completely broken down, humiliated, and degraded? Some S/O made to grovel? And beg for
My Mercy? I cater to ALL FETISHES KINKS, (MOMMY DOMME, MOUTH-SOAPING, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, HEAVY ROLE-PLAY SCENES, GS, SISSIFICATION) and so much more! So darlings contact me for your session I am available most days and limited weekends!
With Wicked Dreams & Evil Grins!
Mz Kim

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mz Kim Returns

The Domme of Desire
The Queen of Mean
The Bitch with a Switch
The One and only Mz Kim has returned...

The Fall has crept in and the Halloween Ghouls and Ghosts have been laid to rest for another year. Most importantly though is that I have returned from a Summer filled with fun, growth, and recovery. I am back and ready to bring my Domme desires to fruition and to fulfill your darkest fantasies. I am once again taking sessions appointments for you to work out the kinks that have building up in your body. Do you miss submitting and being told what to do? Or perhaps you miss the loving kiss of my paddles or the sharp sting of a cane across your backside? Whatever your kink and/or desires they can be yours, all you have to do is reach out to me and schedule up a session to make it happen.

Love and Light,
Mz Kim

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Come Right In, Sit Right Down

Welcome back again for a little taste of what I have hidden in my Play Room! I can tell you that I have been a busy little Mistress directing my submissive worker elves; painting, building new toys, and working on making things roomier, less cluttered, and more eye-pleasing. I have few good(using the term loosely) submissives working on their hands and knees, ladders, and stools working on my new paint scheme, hanging curtains, and other decorative deviant projects. Construction has also began on a new horse that is being built especially for my bigger gentlemen since current bench is a bit hard on the sternum and knees!

Now for my newest addition, the Nightmare Chair... I can't tell you what I can do to you with it, but I will gladly show you. Just know it was built for my enjoyment and your discomfort. So schedule a session and be the first victim if this newest addition to my Nasty Collection.

Whips n chains and all those nasty things,
Mz Kim

Monday, June 8, 2015


Hey my freaky friends !
Are you  sunning that sweet spot so when you bring it to me I can give it the CBT suntan treatment!!!!
I have been updating the room new colors, Black, Red and Gold highlights...Bettie Page rules the roost NOW boys!  New toys being built a bigger horse for my gentlemen, a multipurpose chair for  G/S CBT TORTURE/RESTRAINT so much FUN!!!!! I can't wait till its all updated and ready to roll out!!!
Lots of changes , and new toys, adding skills to to my list for your pleasure!

Now don't be silly I am still accepting sessions. Still doing all my fun fabulous skills. I have new toys, and more wicked ideas than ever! So come play with me.... IF YOU CAN HANDLE THE HEAT!!!!!!


Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hi all my friends and freaky kinkys!

I have to keep you posted on what is going on in my insane life!!I have invested in

1. Dragon tail ( Evil toy with a wicked *SNAP*)

2. A beautiful antique wooden vice grip, that works as a fabulous Ball crusher.
    (for that extra OWWWWW)

3. A few new school girl outfits!

4. Many new CBT toys

Tributes now also accepted through PayPal or C.C. through a Square Reader for all your Kinky Fetishes.

Of course tips and gifts of gratitude are always greatly appreciated and I'd be more than happy to model the things you send me.

                                             MZ KIM


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Kinky Spring!

Well, Hello all my kinksters!! Glad your surviving this miserable winter YUCK! I am ready for sunshine and flowers and red bottoms to match! Like I have told you before, I love to dress up for my clients whether it is a schoolgirl outfit or military style. I work with you and your ideas.
You're taking time to spend with me so why shouldn't I make sure you get your favorite flavor!! If you're a Shoe/foot/leg worshiper I wear the hose you request.
If you want mean ole Mz Kim to spank you completely then fasten your seat-belt you're in for a surprise!, that is why they call it BDSM... And remember I always use consent words.
Which I totally respect.
Please remember to eat and drink before a session.
With that I bid Happy Spring! And Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Mz Kim

Friday, January 30, 2015

Want to chat with me?

I am now offering something for those who can not get to me personally?
Are you too far in distance?  Wish you right in front of me on your knees? Naked blind folded?
tied up quivering with thought what will Mz. Kim do to me next?
Want to hear my voice command you to edge to the point of orgasm and
demand you to STOP! And continue to do it over and over and over again until till your begging me to let you release that throbbing load. Maybe you just need humiliation  and need to hear my voice tell you how I will make you my slave to use and abuse as I like...There are so many games we can play....
Contact me for more Information @
And set up for a phone Chat/Session for tribute for your true satisfaction not like those FAKE dommes  you find in magazines...Are you ready for the real thing?

With black and Blue dreams
Mz Kim